Friday, December 30, 2005

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OK Corbett here is my list which is in no way in order of importance

Answer the following questions with lists of 7:

List 7 things to do before I die:
1. Go to Hawaii (will happen in Oct. 06 for 10th Anniversary)
2. Take a trip with just my Dad and brother
3. Catch a shark with a rod and reel
4. Baptise my kids
5. Run for public office
6. Play golf with my sons and grandsons
7. Learn to ride a motorcycle

List 7 things I cannot (or will not) do:
1. Go to France
2. Become a Muslim
3. Eat sushi
4. Root for UT Longhorns
5. Vote for a Democrat
6. Watch Basketball
7. Smoke any tobacco product

List 7 things that attract me to my spouse:
1. She is smokin' hot
2. Oh man can she cook
3. Great Momma
4. Puts others first
5. Loves God
6. Her smile
7. Great attitude

List 7 things I say most often:
1. Good Crimony!
2. Dude
3. "This is Jeff" (phone)
4. Kids names followed by "STOP IT right now!"
5. Carla
6. I don't know
7. Yes

7 books or series that I love:
2. Call of the Wild by Jack London
3. Big Red One by Samuell Fuller
4. Comeback by Dave Dravecky
5. Bootleggers Boy by Barry Switzer
6. Every Man's Battle by Steve Arterburn & Fred Stoecker
7. Anything Lucado

7 movies I would watch over and over again:
1. Star Wars (all of them)
2. Fletch
3. Revenge
4. Last of the Mohicans
5. Napoleon Dynamite
6. Office Space
7. Miracle

Seven people I would love to join in:
1. Kevin Cozort
2. Brad Voss
3. Raylene Cozort
4. Darcy Fulkerson
5. Robbie James
6. Mike LeStarge
7. Jody Jones

Monday, December 12, 2005

Free Ipod

Check this link out to find out how to get a free Ipod:

Seems to be legit.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tips For Men on Xmas Shopping

OK, I've never been a very good shopper, I am more of a planner. Map out where I need to go, have a list of what to buy and get the heck out!! So here are some tips for the men out there on shopping for the woman in your life for Xmas:

1. Know what she wants by........asking. WOW!! what a concept. I tried this on my wife the other day and got a wealth of information.

2. Don't guess (see above) what she wants.

3. Don't buy an appliance unless it is really expensive and a new kitchen comes surrounding it. If you feel you must buy an appliance by all means put both or your names on it and say it is from Santa.

4. Men are visual, so we like to buy our women "intimates". When doing this and going out in public 3 things must be remembered: 1) know your womans size and 2) take your cell phone so when you are wandering aroung the "intimates" dept. at your local store you can act like you are talking on it instead of looking like a total perv milling around the lingerie. 3) after purchasing the "intimates" go directly to the mens department and buy a drill, table saw, war movie, etc. to get your testosterone back up.

5. Spend more than you should.

6. Shop before December 24th.

Hope that helps! Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Kindergarten and Star Wars

OK so my oldest ankle biter is in Kindergarten and I got the original Stars Wars movies out for him to watch over Thanksgiving, and being a typical boy everything he gets his hands on turns into a sword, gun, machete, or in this case lightsaber to so he can torture his little sis and bro. No big deal right?, if he gets carried away then I tell him to chill it in my Dad " I'm gonna kick your tail if you don't stop beating your siblings" voice. Trouble is at school "Darth Vader" likes to "play fight" whether the other kids do or not, so my little Jedi got 2 notes home and one trip to see the Asst. Principal this week and Momma isn't real pleased Daddy pulled out the "old" Stars Wars movies for little Darth Vader to watch. So me and the Dark Lord of the Sith are grounded from watching Star Wars...........moral of the story: Momma always wins.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Random thoughts this week on:

Politics: Sam Alito will be confirmed, democrats are just pissed they can't do anything about it and will try to drag the proceedings out as long as they can. Good Lord the most liberal of all liberal judges Ruth Bader Ginsberg was confirmed by a Senate vote of 96-3. Give it up Dems and lets move guys got your ultra liberal under Clinton now we get our conserevative to balance it out.

Business: I have recently begun studying commodities and futures trading again after dabbling a little in them about 6 years ago. Now if I would have stuck with it then I would be well off now. Too bad I didn't have the scratch to invest back then. How? Well, oil was at almost 20 year lows 5 to 6 years ago at $10 per barrel as now it is trading at around $60. Every dollar move in an oil contract is worth $1000, for example if I had bought a December 05 oil contract in Decmeber of 2004 for $40 and sold it at todays price of $59 that is a profit of $19000. Pretty cool huh? Another cool thing about futures is you can practice trading before you actually put money into it. Do a web search for Ken Roberts or for beginner info on futures trading.

Sports: Two of the teams I despise the most, Texas & Southern Cal, look like they will be playing for the National Championship in College Football; maybe UT or USC will fall to their instate rivals to really throw a wrench in the BCS. I can dream can't I..........Loving the new NHL and my Stars are finally playing better thanks to Marty Turco getting his head out of his kiester; hope he keeps it up......Is it just me or is the NFL and NBA boring. Give me college sports any day of the week........Sport back on the rise is racquetball, a new club in town that the wifey and I joined has 5 courts and they are usually all busy. Great for me because I started playing at age 12 and love it. Great cardio workout and win or lose you have no one to blame but yourself.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Australia Rules!!!

I've read about Australia laying the hammer down on Muslim Sharia law in several news sources today. We here in the USA should do the same. I swear if the USA evers goes soft like France, Canada, and other socialist nations, I am moving to Australia.

CANBERRA: Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir apparent to Howard, hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament. "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," he said on national television. "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that that is false. If you can't agree with parliamentary law, independent courts, democracy, and would prefer Sharia law and have the opportunity to go to another country which practises it, perhaps, then, that s a better option," Costello said. Asked whether he meant radical clerics would be forced to leave, he said those with dual citizenship could possibly be asked move to the other country. Education Minister Brendan Nelson later told reporters that Muslims who did not want to accept local values should "clear off". "Basically, people who don't want to be Australians, and they don't want to live by Australian values and understand them, well then they can basically clear off," he said.Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spies monitoring the nation's mosques.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hey! I'm a dork blogger too!!

I noticed that some people I know had blogs and I thought maybe these things aren't for malcontents, serial killers, militia groups, and GOP haters to spout about how life sucks. Anyway I am locked and loaded and ready to spout about how life is good.